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Social security disability benefits provides income supplements to people who are physically restricted in their ability to work because of a disability. It can be either on a temporary or a permanent basis.

If you are facing difficulties with performing your job because of a disability or prolonged illness, you can always apply for a social security disability benefit. You paid the insurance premiums out of your salary each month and you're entitled to collect if you can't work.

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Important Points You Must Know When Filing Your Disability Claim

  • Don't feel ashamed in applying for the disability benefits, since you have paid the insurance premium out of your salary and it's your legal right to get the benefits when you're in need
  • Hire an experienced social security attorney to represent you
  • In case of denial of benefits, you have only 60 days to re-appeal, so make sure you do it within that time frame
  • Keep your paperwork completed, signed, and filed in order to protect your claim
  • Social security disability benefit can be permanent or temporary depending on your disability
  • The standard attorney fee set by the federal law is 25% of the back benefits, which is adjusted by the Social Security Administration from time to time
  • You and your attorney must sign a fee agreement in conformity with the federal law
  • You can concurrently receive disability benefits and workers' compensation benefits

Legal Representation by a Highly-Qualified Lawyer

The Law Office of Brian D. Kelm is always there to help you out with your disability claim. Brian Kelm can assist you with all the paperwork necessary to defend your case.

It's always advisable to hire a qualified lawyer to handle your case in a hearing before an administrative law judge, and Brian has the expertise and experience to represent your side in the most efficient manner.

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